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Writing and publishing professionals, We started out producing technical documentation for the software and engineering sectors. From this experience we have learned a good deal about the publishing industry. Our principal author is also a creative writer, producing scripts, novels and web-content. Having realised that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a publisher or a literary agent, he considered self-publishing, but was discouraged by the cost. Then, at Christmas, he was bought a Kindle e-reader and was immediately hooked on the format. We had the resources and software to create books in Kindle and e-book formats. We can now publish via Amazon Kindle and have downloads from our website.

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Mark Errington lives and works in the Marches. He  is a writer, actor, director, musician, singer and song-writer.

He has a degree in English and Archaeology and a research Masters in Medieval History. He also has a teaching qualification and a professional qualification in computing.

He is widely travelled and has worked in Europe and briefly in the United States.

He has many publications to his name, but unless you use the software concerned or operate the machines he has documented you are unlikely to know his work.

Among his creative output there are a number of Murder Mystery plays which are performed regularly. His songs have been performed on the radio.

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