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Publishing to Kindle and e-book formats

This is the simplest and cheapest option. If your book is held in a common text format, such as MS Word, we can use this directly.  We convert the text to both Kindle and e-book formats and upload the Kindle format to The e-book version can be placed on our online store for downloading. If you have a photograph or picture for the cover (for Kindle only), we can add this to the converted book. Costs are based on the length of the book and the amount of editing and formatting required. With minimal formatting and editing the costs are approximately £200 for a novel of about 70,000 words. Electronic books, unlike their printed counterparts, incur VAT at 20%, so please factor that in when deciding on a price for the book. See our guidelines

Print on Demand service

We can format your manuscript and prepare it for print on demand. This option is considerably cheaper than traditional litho printing, but the files to be printed must be completely accurate and in the formats the printers require. Without the experience and the right software it would be very difficult for most writers to produce these files. Once produced these files are sent to a company that does the digital printing and binding. We don't do printing, but we know companies that do, and can find a good deal for you.


You may have a brilliant idea for a novel and be a natural story-teller, but, if the book has spelling and grammatical errors, you may not be able to sell it without making corrections. We can perform a full visual check and run the document through spell-checkers and grammar checkers to make sure that it is ready to publish. Costs for this are negotiable, dependent on the amount of work required. Send samples as an email attachment to receive a quotation.


A good editor can make a successful book from a flawed manuscript. Working with the writer the editor can suggest changes that will improve the book. These might be holes in the plot, stilted dialogue, unconvincing characterisation or a number of other errors. While trying to remain true to the main idea of the plot, a sensitive editor will suggest the changes that would improve the book. You may be very close to your work, but the editing process is almost always a necessary part of the creative process. We will suggest professional editors for specialist publications.

Scanning of typed originals to digital text

Scanning is done using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program, which places the scanned text into a word processing program. Transfer is normally more than 98% accurate, depending on the quality of the original. This means a relatively labour-intensive process whereby the inaccurate text needs to be corrected. The process of correction needs to be done in conjunction with the author and may require several iterations of the text to be produced. Send a photocopied sample of the text and details of the number of pages to be scanned in order to receive a quotation for this service.

Cover pictures and graphics

We have an extensive library of images and the services of a computer graphics expert, a photographer and an artist if you wish the cover of the book to be designed for you. This service only applies to Kindle books, as e-books do not have cover art. Costs vary according to what you require.

e-commerce sales of books

We can hold your e-book on our website and make it available to download. Using an e-commerce utility, we can charge for these downloads. Typically the author will receive 50% of the net sales from this process. The on-costs being VAT at 20% and charges from PayPal or other purchasing agencies. Books published to Amazon can receive a maximum of 70% of the sales price, but it is usually beneficial to accept deals in which greater publicity is provided at extra cost.

Author’s blog page

As part of the service we provide you will be given a personalised web-page. Use this page to publicise your book by creating your own blog. Personalised websites can be created at cost, if required, (purchase of web address and simple web-hosting).


Copyright your material
Copyright up to 10 works for less than £25.00


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