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The further adventures of Walter Mansell-Lacey and his chum, Godiva Williams.  The gentleman spy is taken out of training and sent to Paris to report on a Russian exile and revolutionary, Vladymir Ulyanov, AKA Lenin, who is suspected of funding a murderous group of Latvian anarchists operating in London.

In Paris he becomes embroiled in a feud between the gangsters , the Apache, and the French Flying Squad. The Russian intelligence service want to discover what Walter knows and will go to any lengths to find out. Then an art forger is murdered and all sorts of people might be involved. Walter has to call on Godiva to help him out. Then the flood comes.

A worthy follow on to the well-received and highly praised ‘Most Secret’, this is a story full of action and excitement.

Down in the Flood by Jon Wakeham - the second in the Most Secret series

Down in the Flood




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