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One villain, three victims, many detectives.

An anonymous man is coming out of locked-in syndrome after being left for dead ten years ago.

His carers each find out some details of his past and his story is gradually pieced together. These small details add up to an almost complete picture.

Some people are not satisfied with enough, they have to have everything.

Jon Wakeham's 'Eating the Owl' twists a whole new knot into the threads of traditional crime thrillers. It takes the focus away from single-handed 'super detectives' and instead turns it back onto the victims and villains. As one man finds himself coming out of Locked-In Syndrome and regains his ability to speak, the man who left him for dead only has limited time to finish the job before the truth comes out. With each of his helpers only able to uncover small pieces of information, can the truth be revealed before the clock ticks too far?

Eating the Owl by Jon Wakeham

Eating the Owl




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