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Guidelines if you use MS Word™:

Use the Help files on Word if you are in doubt on any of these suggestions.

Set the Page Size to the European standard A4

Set all the margins to the same minimum setting of 20mm for all book sizes.

Use a serif front such as Times New Roman.

Set the type size to 14pt or greater Justified* text if the A4 document is to
be used to print a smaller than A4 book.

Insert a page break to separate chapters and sections.

Use the centre text function where you require centralised text.

Word is more reliable if you do not make too many changes to a document.
For this reason it is safer to have separate files for each chapter.

Always make a copy of all your manuscript files before sending them to us.

Before submitting your manuscript, use the Spell Check facility in MS Word.
The style-checker on Word is notoriously unhelpful, but might point out some
errors. We will check your publication on receipt  and will suggest changes to
formatting, spelling and grammatical errors if we believe that they will improve
the publication quality of the book.

You can send the files to us as an email attachment or on a CD-ROM via the
supplied address.

*Justified text fills each full line from margin to margin, which looks neat. We
can also print to ragged-right, where only the left margin is consistent. This
can help readability on some publications.