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Murder in Straight Sets

It's the mid-sixties, and Wimbledon is allowing professional players in. At the tennis club there are tensions between those who want to maintain the social order and those who want a successful team. The captain of the mens' team wants to turn professional. Who would think such passion would appear in these leafy suburbs?

Murder on the Moor

The last evening of a management training and bonding session out on the Moor. A new position has become available on the board. As the candidates jockey for position, old jealousies and resentments can be seen. And who does not have a secret to hide? Someone will end up dead before the end of the evening.

Lonely Hearts Club Banned

Singles night at the club. A group of friends and acquaintances have ever-changing relationships. Was it jealousy, disapproval, hatred or love that caused one of them to kill the popular and independent woman they all know? And who knew how to kill her in that ingenious way?

One Bad Turn

Just another day at the home for retired theatrical performers, or is it? Then the ventriloquist’s dummy is stolen. Is that the reason why one of their number is about to die in an unusually creative and messy way? Or is it because of what happened on a music hall stage many years ago?

Murder Mystery Plays

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How to organise a Murder Mystery Play event


Hate Your Neighbour

The residents association are meeting before an inspection for the best kept street award. There is just one house which lets the street down, with cars up on bricks on the drive, an unkempt garden and taste-free colour scheme. The trouble is due to the relationships of the committee members with the woman who owns the house.

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Locomotive for Murder

It is a meeting of the Adlestrop railway preservation society. The current chairman is retiring, but who will be elected as the new chairman? Many secrets are revealed, and personal histories exposed. What could be the motive for murder?


Mightier than the  sword

Who at the writing group would want to kill the seemingly harmless writer of fantasy? As the plot unfolds it seems that everyone  in the room had some kind of motive. But did they have the opportunity? More red herrings than a kipper factory.

Specialist Plays for a British Asian Audience and an all woman cast.
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