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Your Voice: KDP Author Scott Nicholson

Author Scott Nicholson shares his views on the rise of eBooks. 

The funny thing about a dream is, while you're in it, you can't tell the beginning from the ending. I am not sure anyone quite realized the impact of a convenient, affordable device that would connect readers directly with authors. Every prediction on the growth of e-books seems ridiculous and outdated almost as soon as it is uttered, and the more "informed" the source, the more unreliable it is, because conventional wisdom comes from those who think they have learned from history. There is no convention in the digital era, and the history has barely begun to be written. This era is inventing itself by the moment, feeding its evolution from thousands of different pipelines.

I am not afraid. Readers are smart enough to find what they want, now that it is available. Readers have clearly been starving for a diversity of choice, and writers have been starving for a chance at an audience, or simply starving in general. Now any idea, story, or work can be shared conveniently and instantly via the Kindle. And readers have proven they are willing to sample genres unfamiliar to them, or give new authors a chance, or form new communities around a book.

Beautiful stories are emerging. A few days ago I read about a woman publishing her first e-book on her 72nd birthday. The vision-impaired have returned to reading because they can now adjust the font size. Families are sharing Kindles and a love of stories together. It's an evolution, a revolution, and the greatest moment in human communication since Gutenberg. We are connected here in this common dream. There's no expiration date on magic.

--Scott Nicholson

Nancy Johnson: Featured KDP Author

Nancy Johnson talks about her experience with Kindle Direct Publishing.

This is, for the most part, a thank you letter to Amazon. Without their help, my novel would still be sitting in a desk drawer. I spent the better part of my life trying to get my novels published. I worked very hard to make that happen, incredibly hard. I was encouraged by all the experts to believe … if your novel is good enough, someone will publish it. You just have to keep trying and submitting. You must query editors, query agents, keep putting yourself out there. Persevere. Don’t quit…. Well, the truth is many, many well-written books never get published. At least that is what used to happen. And again, thank you Amazon. Writers now have a choice. They no longer have to waste years, waiting and hoping. What an incredible time to be a writer!

With the advent of Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon truly leveled the playing field. Books published to KDP have as good a chance of finding success as any books out there. Amazon has put in place a system that helps readers find new books and authors, from forums, to free chapter downloads, to recommendations on author book pages such as “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought….” I personally love being in control of every aspect of my book. With KDP, I make all the decisions. I choose the cover design, the price, how my book is edited, how fast it is available. I decide what category of books to write; I am not limited by trends.  I can take my time or put books out as fast as they are ready. I am not limited in any way. Plus, no worries of going out of print, or being dropped by a publisher because readers did not discover me right away…. Oh, and you’ll be happy to hear, since publishing to KDP, a prominent agent contacted me, not the other way around. I’ve also received offers to buy the rights to my novel from three foreign publishers. Sweet!

--Nancy Johnson