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Print on Demand

With the introduction of digital technology it is now possible to do small print runs exactly when the book is required. In the old model, self-publishers would have to order the number of copies they required from an offset-litho printer. The typesetting would be done, the presses set up and set in motion. The author was then left with several hundred copies to hawk around bookshops. With Print On Demand (POD) no physical printing is done until orders for the book have been received. This means much less outlay for the author and allows a completely flexible approach to production.

The printers, for an agreed fee, ship a book every time one is ordered. They handle royalties and obtain listings in on-line bookstores. For authors who ware willing to design and promote their work themselves, POD businesses provide a low-cost alternative to litho printing. However, it is not easy for a creative writer to produce digital files in the correct format, together with the printers marks required for cropping and colour matching. You need a fast computer and some expensive software. The software itself presents a steep learning curve before it can be used effectively. For these reasons, we are offering a service to prepare your manuscript for POD.