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One Bad Turn

A Murder Mystery Play set in a retirement home for old theatricals.

Just another day at the home for retired theatrical performers, or is it? Then the ventriloquist’s dummy is stolen. Is that the reason why one of their number is about to die in an unusually creative and messy way? Or is it because of what happened on a music hall stage many years ago? This is highly amusing for audience and performers!

When you purchase one of these plays you are provided with two separate acts. The cast do not know the solution to the play until they read the details at the performance.

Also included are a set of director’s notes, a blank solution sheet, a poster f to use for publicity and an additional quiz for the break.

It is not necessary to learn lines, though it is useful to run through the first act a couple of times, so that the actors know when and where they are to come off and on the stage.

The performance is divided into a part-rehearsed first act, at the end of which the victim is bumped off.  There is usually an interval, during which the teams write down the solutions to the mystery, You can raise additional funds with a raffle, and by catering for a simple supper. The solution to the mystery is provided during the second act. The ‘victim’ usually does the marking of the teams answers during the second act. Guidelines on marking are provided. The winning team is announced at the end of the second act.

You can download the first act for free to see if you like it and if it will suit your cast and venue. You will need the solution and the other documents in order to perform the play - so click on the ‘Purchase’ button when you have decided which play you want. Click on the ‘Sample’ button to see a copy of the first act in PDF format.

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